About us

All of us pony owners can probably relate to the feeling of standing there in the stable with the horse and sighing. Another newly purchased blanket that goes way too far down over the knees or a bridle that once again has a jaw strap that could fit a Nordsvensk. After many years of hopeless searching and a completely worn-out pliers, the idea was born to tailor and have your own products manufactured. The frustration was then turned into inspiration and we started the family business A PonyDesign.

Our vision and goal is to create products that combine fit, design and quality for the little ponies. We are therefore not resellers but customize and design all products ourselves. This challenged us to become creative and innovative as these small horses have different proportions which often results in small margins.

We think that even the smallest horses are worth an equipment that is well adapted with high functionality and comfort. Therefore, we are proud to finally be able to offer you and your pony products that are stylish and affordable but that do not compromise on quality.